CH Sheranda's Spellbound "Pirate"

Pedigree of CH Sheranda's Spellbound

                                          CH Applause Parader Persuasion
                                 CH Sealores Grand Applause BOB CCA 92
                                          Starrs Dark Crystal pts
                       Countryviews Family Ties, CH sis, pts
                                          CH Tartanside Heir Apparent
     Sire                      Starrs Dark Crystal pts
                                          CH Starrs Blue Jeans 2xBOB CCA
     Sheranda's Black Powder 9 pts,Ch bro, n/e CGC
                                          AM/CAN CH Keenhavens Crowdpleaser
                                 AM/CAN CH Keenhavens Scenemaker
                                          CAN CH Keenhavens Scenestealer n/e
                       Keenhavens Coloring Book n/e
                                          Keenhavens Mascarade
                                 Keenhavens Silver Sapphire n/e
                                          CAN CH Keenhavens Scenestealer n/e

                                          Paraders Spellbinder
                                 CH Applause Parader Persuasion
                                          CH Arrowhill Applause
                       Sunnydale's Echo In The Wind TT Owner: Wanda Cable/Sheranda Collies
                                          Brandwyne on Parade
     Dam                     Brandwyne Spirit of Today
                                          Brandwyne Black Lace
     Sheranda's What A Breeze
                                          CH Classic Tri To Top This
                                 Sheranda's Tri  N' Top This
                                          Royal Guards Daisy Chain
                       Sheranda's Shining Star
                                          Ayreshire Keenhaven Black Sea  ptd n/e
                                 Dutchess Cleopatra
                                          Sheranda's Midnight Blue

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